Slapwoods Box of Wraps

(114 customer reviews)


10 pack count, 50 wraps

*(Packs Not intended for individual sale)
Net Weight 1 pouch .055oz each
Total Net Weight .55oz

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114 reviews for Slapwoods Box of Wraps

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  • jay webby

    QUESTION !!!!!!

    Are you able to buy slapwoods in canada ???

    June 16, 2024
  • Rollie Ramadan

    Slapwood first time trying

    First time buying in Long Island
    They was amazing

    June 5, 2024
  • traphousb

    dry packs

    pay money for dry slaps that not good

    May 27, 2024
  • Kenneth Jordan

    Slaps are the Best thing smoking

    Hello Slapwoods I have nothing but good things to say but I keep getting Packs of slapwoods with only 4 in the pack they are $10 in Baltimore, Md can yall do something about this?? Thank you!!!!

    May 15, 2024
  • Rodney Giles

    Cigars the best in the 🌍 Craig lol

    First I will like to that great job at perfecting the art of how and what should be used in all extra curriculum activities/Za Za 😂. Also I have turned at least 200 or more ppl away from Backwoods,Loose Leafs Graba leaves etc. The main reason why I wish everyone who smokes will use Slapwood is due to the non toxics or chemicals that you no longer have to inhale into your body 💕. All my real smokes no that smoking Backwoods after a period of time your throat suffers dramatically while the toxic and chemicals in Backwoods alters your health and voice. I’m in Atlanta where we really take pride in what we smoke and what we smoke out of. Now I pay ,,$7.99 for a pack of Slapwoods I buy and most of the ⛽ or convenient stores sell them $7.99 but in the Upty areas &9.99. I buy at least 4 packs a day and my wife gets mad I tell her 2 packs for us and I pass out toy charitable members who haven’t seen nor tried the Slapwoods brand. So I do free marketing per charitable sale I no it’s by choice but throba dog a bone so I can show my customers and wife this was all worth it and going to continue to help my ppl out with the best along with the best cigars . Also try to make single or double pls as well if possible please 💞. Now if you can please send me some cigars please so I can continue educating our people also I have a lot of Seniors/Older ppl who wouldn’t dare smoke a blunt/cigar now there smoking Slapwoods because when i compare there 1.5 leaves to my Slapwoods then gold them both in the air My Slapwoods is thinner than there 1.5 leaves and there convinced . So I’m In officially the New Ambassador for The South East Slapwoods Branch so please send me some cigars I want sell them on my kids I will continue to give away to educate everyone. But also I shouldn’t be able to buy a box of Slapwoods cheaper at the convenience stores than the price that you all have listed and you created the masterful brand . Please reach out back to me wether you decide to help me continue to spread your brand or not I will continue to buy my 3-4 packs daily and continue with my great energy and help my ppl . I just got this off of my bathroom because this is the only place I can smoke in the house lol I’m serious to lol.

    March 11, 2024

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